Lookout Rowing Club, Chattanooga TN

LRC is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of rowing in Chattanooga                                           


LRC Safety Rules and Guidelines

Your safety is your responsibility. These guidelines exist to help you make safe choices.

  • Only rowers who have proven competency in rowing may launch from the boathouse
  • All rowers must know how to swim and be confident in the water.
  • Rowers must use the sign-out/sign-in book.
  • Beginner rowers must row with another person or row within the safe vicinity of the boathouse for 50 hours.  
  • If you are under the age of 18 a competent adult must accompany you when you row.
  • All new members must demonstrate their knowledge of safety rules and rowing skill to a designated club member, before they can use club equipment or row alone.
  • Easily visible clothing should be worn.
  • Beginner rowers should not row when the current is above 35,000 CFS (see side bar).
  • Rowing is not allowed in Singles when the water temperature is below 50 degrees F unless the person(s) rowing are accompanied by a launch.
  • All rowers should be cognizant of the weather and forecasts.  Rowing is not permitted when there is a threat of severe weather activity.  You may not row if lightning is close enough to be heard or seen.
  • All rowers should consider their rowing skill, physical ability, and the state of the river environment (weather, visibility, current, wind, boat traffic, etc) before they start.
  •  When rowing in the dark an operative and visible boat light must be attached to the bow.
  • All rowers must follow the traffic pattern.
  • When meeting another shell head on, the rower going upstream should pull toward the shore; the rower going downstream should pull toward the channel.
  • Avoid rowing in the channel and be watchful of boat traffic.  Be particularly careful of barges and fast moving boats. The both provide unique hazards.  Fast powerboats can easily exceed speeds of 60 MPH and are not always operating in the channel.  The distance between a rower and boat can close very rapidly leaving little room to maneuver.  The pilots that operate barges have limited visibility and the boats are very slow to change course.   Also, when a barge passes the water can be filled with swirls and eddies effecting the stability of a rowing shell.

LRC Boathouse, equipment and eligibility rules and guidelines

  • Only members in good standing may use LRC equipment, unless special arrangements are made.
  • Abusive language and behavior is not allowed.
  • Abuse and gross negligence of equipment and facilities is not allowed.  Boats should be put up with the bow facing away from the river with the oarlocks closed.  Dropping oars on the dock , or banging and careless handling of boats in the boathouse , are considered abuse of the equipment. If you can't do it properly alone- ask someone to help you.
  • Rowers may only use equipment at their level or the levels below.
  • LRC boats and equipment used at regattas must be returned to the boathouse asap.  Boats must be re- rigged within 24 hours of their return.  Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to use club equipment at regattas.
  • Rowers may not row alone until fulfilling the following requirements:     
  • a) complete 50 hours of supervised sculling /honors system documented in the log book,
  • b) a signed waiver for the current year must be on file in order to row out of the boathouse.
  • c) a signed acknowledgment of understanding the safety rules, guidelines, traffic pattern, must be submitted annually.
  • d) attend a meeting with an authorized coach at which safety guidelines, rowing traffic patterns, use of the boathouse rowing log, and river hazards are discussed, youth rowers (under18) must attend with a parent or guardian.
  • e) provide to LRC a signed acknowledgement that he/she has been fully informed of safety guidelines, rowing traffic patterns, use of the boathouse log, and river hazards, youth rowers must have a parent/guardian sign that both rower and parent/guardian have been so informed, and
  • provide to LRC a signed statement that he/she will row only within the area defined upstream of the rowing center by the power lines which cross at the VFW and downstream by the Veteran's bridge abiding by the rowing patterns posted in the boathouse and the Internet.
  • f)  to row alone beyond the above stated limits a rower must have sculled on a regular basis for one season within the above stated limits and receive in writing designation of expert from an authorized coach.
  • Failure to observe the rules will result in being dropped from all Chattanooga Rowing Center /LRC programs, including LRC membership, and being prohibited from the use of the boathouse and any equipment in the boathouse.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 desiring an individual membership in Lookout Rowing Club must understand and abide by the following rules:
  • you may ONLY row a Single when accompanied by a coaching launch (driver/coach over 18), or rowing alongside a competent adult sculler!
  • in team boats, one team member has to be at least 18 years of age
  • prior to your membership being accepted, a meeting MUST be scheduled with an LRC official or instructor and your parent/guardian
  • LRC does not have regular supervised practice sessions scheduled

President : Siobhan Duff   


Membership: Karen Hundt    

Treasurer: Don McDowell