Lookout Rowing Club, Chattanooga TN

LRC is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of rowing in Chattanooga                                           

Learn to Row Sculling Classes

Beginner Classes for 2010

Session One: May 31, 2010 -June 12, 2010

Session Two: June 21, 2010- July 3, 2010

Session Three: July 5, 2010- July 17, 2010

Session Four: July 19, 2010 - July 31, 2010

General Information:
Classes are during the week MO - THU from 5:30pm to 7:30 pm and SAT 9:30 am to 11:30 am , FR and SU are off days
A total of 10 lessons each class will be taught.

The fee is $170.00 for the class and must be paid in advance  to reserve your spot in the class.  Please include more than one session preference because the sessions fill up quickly.   If you decide to join the club we will deduct the class fee from your membership for the first year.  The fee covers the use of the equipment, dock fee, gas for launches and a small stipend for some coaches.
We need a minimum of 5-7 people to run a class, and will have maximum of 10 people in a class. Teacher - student ratio is  3/10.

If you are interested, please write to Adrienne Powell 

Checks need to be payable to LRC and mailed to:  

Adrienne Powell, 518 Graham Street, Chattanooga,

TN  37405 and please include the :

Questionnaire     US ROWING Waiver

The coaches this year will be Maggie N. and TBA. The instructors are all experienced members of the club and do the lessons as Volunteers.  So please do not expect a Fitness Club mentality- we do this to have other people experience the sport and maybe enjoy it as much as we do.

The class structure is as follows:

At first we acquaint you with the boathouse, the boats and the general rowing technique on the ergometer (rowing machine) before we get on the water. Once you have the general idea of how rowing works and the terminology, we start you in doubles on the water. When you feel comfortable enough, we will put you in singles on the water.  At some point we will hold a practice session in the pool or river where we teach you how to get into the boat from the water if you ever flip over. You must be able to swimm 100 yards and must be not afraid of the water!!

Following are some typical questions and answers that you may find helpful.

Typical question: What should I wear?

answer: You should wear athletic clothing, just make sure that your T-shirts and shorts are not baggy. Baggy shorts get caught in the slide of the seat rolling mechanism and your oars and fingers may get caught on loose T-shirts. NO skirts please!

typical question: How hard will I physically be working? Will it be like workout?

answer: You will not be rowing hard as you learn to row. We will be focusing on technique, so the hardest work will be mental for the first week. You may experience some soreness in your lower and upper back and  your arms as your body gets used to the mechanics of rowing. As you get more advanced, you will spend longer on the water rowing by yourself. Always come hydrated, as we will be in the sun for two hours each lesson!

typical question: Will I ever flip over?

answer: Aaaaahhhh - one of the biggest worries of the novice (and even advanced!) rower! When we start rowing, you will not be in a single, as the biggest risk for flipping occurs in this boat. We will start you out in stable boats as you get used to the technique and we will only advance you to a single if we feel you are ready and stable enough. Early on in the class we will have a pool session where everyone learns to get back into a boat from water. Some students flip many times and some never flip - it's just the luck of the draw! Always have a towel and a change of clothes with you, just in case! :)

typical question: What happens if I cannot make it to a class?

answer: If you can't make a class, you have to make up the time missed at a different time, to be worked out with your instructor. This can be difficult to organize, so please try to make every class.

typical question: When I am done with the class, can I come down to row whenever I want?

answer: Completion of the class does not necessarily mean that you can row on your own. Upon completion of the class, your instructor will let you know if you are ready to go by yourself.  Our motto is safety first! If we feel that you are not ready, it is to ensure your safety.

typical question: Do I have to become a member to continue rowing?

answer: If you are wanting to continue rowing, then yes, membership in the club is required. Your membership fees cover use of the LRC boats, the rowing machines and the locker room facilities. The cost for a year is a little less than what you would pay for a gym membership. LRC will also offer opportunities to gather as a club in a social setting such as cookouts and "fun rows".

Since Chattanooga is an excellent rowing venue, we have two annual head races (3 mile race) in October and November. You will have opportunites to participate in and volunteer to help run the Chattanooga Head Race and the Head of the Hooch, races which draw high school students, college athletes and masters from all over the region.

We hope this has been helpful information and that we have answered all of your questions. Please let me know soon which classes you would like to sign up for.

We are looking forward to coaching you all soon!

LRC Summer Coaches

President : Siobhan Duff   


Membership: Karen Hundt    

Treasurer: Don McDowell