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LRC membership is generally for a 12 month term beginning April 1 of each year. Most members begin rowing in April and continue until weather makes it uncomfortable in December. Membership includes use of the Erg Room and locker room, and many members use the facility for their exercise year round, even though special rules apply to those wishing to row in the colder months.

LRC welcomes new members, age 18 and older, that have an interest in rowing for exercise, recreation or competition. Those under 18 may join as part of a family membership (special rules apply) or may want to explore the programs offered by Chattanooga Rowing. If you are new to rowing, please check out the Learn to Row information page, as taking classes may be the best way to join the club. Those who already have learned to row may join by demonstrating proficiency in a single shell, and performing a flip test. Please contact the Membership chair or the head coach for an appointment.

The membership dues cover the period from April 1 through March 31 year, and there is a discount for members prepaying the annual dues by April 1. We do not accept monthly payments or credit card payment, but we do offer members the opportunity to pay in two installments, due by April 1 and June 1. For first year members only, the dues are reduced from the full annual rate and, if joining after September 1, the rate is cut in half.

To become a member, please fill out the membership form completely and submit it to LRC at PO Box 11411, Chattanooga TN 37401.

Membership Q&A

What else is required for Membership?

Our club has no paid staff, other than coaching, so there are many opportunities to help the club function. One duty expected of every member is to work at our head race, the Head of the Hooch, each fall. It is the proceeds from this event that allows us to replace the equipment and help pay the club’s overhead. There is a maintenance fee for every member who did not work on these head race in the previous year. First year members are exempt, but it is important to volunteer the year you join to avoid the additional fee your second year of membership.

How do I sign up?

LRC has one membership form and it is available below.  There are membership discounts for those under age 26, families, those in Chattanooga temporarily, and first year members. You will need to submit the membership form, the release form, volunteer form, and payment to LRC, PO Box 11411, Chattanooga TN 37401. 

2019 Registration Form

2019 Volunteer Signup

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Membership Questions?

Please contact our Membership Coordinator, Megan Hanewald This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

with any questions.