Lookout Rowing Club, Chattanooga TN

LRC is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of rowing in Chattanooga                                           


Lookout Rowing Club - Tennessee River Gorge Row
                                   Saturday, July 24, 2010


Arrival of LRC 8+ Gorge Row 2005

LRC hosts an informal marathon  row from downtown Chattanooga into the heart of the Tennessee River Gorge each summer. The route is approximately 23 miles through some of the most beautiful territory in the South, so build up your calluses and get in shape for this fun event.


 The course begins from the LRC boathouse near downtown Chattanooga and follows the Tennessee Riverdownstream through the gorge. This is the only large river canyon bordering a mid-size city and is the fourth largest river canyon east of the Mississippi. Hopefully, the natural beauty will distract you from the blisters and exhaustion. We end at the Tennessee River Gardens http://www.rivergardens.org, a great spot for a cool off swim and picnic.

 Logistics The winding 23 mile route will likely take 3- 4+ hours, depending on the tenacity of the crew and the current, which can flow at a speed of 1-2MPH or be perfectly still. Please take sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and plenty of water. Also make sure each boat has a cell phone with numbers for other club members and the support launch in case of emergency. The terrain is extremely mountainous and cell service may be limited in certain sections of the route. Phone numbers for the launch drivers will be available at the boathouse the morning of the event. Also, the river is open to commercial and recreational traffic, so please avoid travel within the marked channel except to cross the river.


It is imperative to get an early start to beat the heat, so we encourage you to unload and rig boats at LRC Friday afternoon and be ready to launch early Saturday – singles by 6:30 AM and all others by 7:00. No official time will be kept. Someone will be at the LRC boathouse Friday afternoon to help with boat storage and directions. Trailers may be driven to the destination the evening before or the morning of the event. Cars may be left at the destination the morning of the event. LRC will have room on a boat trailer only for its members who have reserved space.


It is our intention to have a launch on the river throughout the event with ice water, however, the shells get very spread out over the 23 mile course and you should insure that you carry adequate water and all needed supplies for each participant.


In an emergency, a boat may stop at the Baylor School dock, about mid point of the course at Mile 455.5. To exit at Baylor, follow the main channel to the East side of Williams Island (the right bank facing downstream). BaylorSchool will be prominently situated on the hills above the island. Just past the school (downstream), look for a small canal on the right which leads under a narrow automobile bridge to the Baylor Dock. Other exits are limited, with public boat ramps at Suck Creek (on the right bank at approximately mile 452) and at Raccoon Mountain TVA Pumped Storage Facility (on the left bank at approximately mile 444.5), 2 miles before the end.


Please make arrangements for your trailer driver or shuttle car to bring a picnic lunch and beverages, as it will take a while for all boats to finish and be loaded on trailers. There are wonderful areas for a picnic at theTennessee River Gardens, so invite your family to join you for the finish.


While you may choose your own pace, this is a strenuous event and participants should be well prepared for the prolonged exercise, heat and humidity.


Registration The fee is $20 per person, which we hope will cover gas for the launch and a contribution toTennessee River Gardens. All Participants must sign waivers. Checks should be mailed to Lookout Rowing Club, P.O. Box 11411ChattanoogaTN 37401-2411 or delivered the day of the event. To register, please drop us an e-mail no later than Monday July 19 and include contact information and number of participants for each shell. For questions, contact membership@lookoutrowingclub.com or LRC board member Karen Hundt at (423) 668-2266 (ofc) or (423) 886-7050 (home).


Automobile Directions to LRC, 1001 Riverside Drive(GPS directions are misleading) From Interstate 24, take Highway 27 toward downtown Chattanooga, and take the first exit, Exit 1, onto Main Street. From the exit ramp turn right (West) back under the interstate. In one block at Riverfront Parkway turn right and continue about 3 miles past the aquarium/riverfront followingRiverfront Parkway/turning into Riverside Drive. Once you pass Tennessee American Water Company’s large blue water supply tanks, turn right at the Riverwalk/Chattanooga Rowing Center sign (away from the river). Turn right again underRiverside Drive to the parking area. (Trailers can drive through to Riverside Drive without turning around.)


Automobile Directions from LRC to Tennessee River Gardens, 22573 Highway 41. Starting at LRC, 1001 Riverside Dr.drive for about 3 miles southwest on Riverside Dr/Riverfront Pkwy, past the Tennessee Aquarium and riverfront past Martin Luther King Boulevard to Main Street. Turn left at the light onto Main Street and then right onto the entrance ramp to I-24/US-27.Stay in the right lane and bear immediately right to exit onto I-24 W for 5 miles toward Nashville/Birmingham. Take the second exit, exit 174, onto US-11/41/64 toward Lookout Valley. From the exit ramp, turn right on Cummings Hwy/US11/41/64 and continue for about 2 1/2 miles, passing the entrance to TVA’s Raccoon Mountain Pumped Storage Facility. 2/10 mile past theTVA Raccoon Mountain road, turn right into the first driveway on the right, through the security gate and down the hill. The address is 22573 Hwy 41 Chattanooga, TN 37419 and has a black mailbox with Caldwell/TN River Garden on it. Follow the paved driveway down the hill and bear left at the fork to the dock and parking. The gate will be open on Saturday morning, but you will need a gate code if leaving a car Friday.


Directions by water to Tennessee River Gardens From downtown Chattanooga (LRC at mile 465.5; MarketStreet Bridge mile 464), continue downstream to Tennessee River Garden at mile 442.5. On the left bank, theTVA Raccoon Mountain pumped storage project is the most prominent landmark, having large concrete barriers along the waterline, parking areas and a boat ramp. Follow the left bank for another approximate 2 miles until you see an opening into an adjacent lake with a small drawbridge. Turn through the opening, which is about 10 feet wide, and cross this body of water to the dock and grass boat ramp. The opening is narrow and challenging, particularly for singles, but at this point a swim will be welcomed and well deserved.


President : Siobhan Duff   


Membership: Karen Hundt    

Treasurer: Don McDowell