Lookout Rowing Club, Chattanooga TN

LRC is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of rowing in Chattanooga                                           

About Us

The " William G. Raoul" rowing center is located adjacent to the Chattanooga Riverwalk, what is be a six-mile long walkway connecting downtown Chattanooga with the Chickamauga Dam a2nd Locks. Completed in the year 2005, the walkway now allows an unimpeded walk from downtown to the dam.

The Chattanooga Rowing Center was completed in June, 1994. It is located about 2000 meters upstream from downtown Chattanooga. It is owned and operated by Chattanooga Rowing, Inc., a nonprofit corporation founded to promote rowing in the Chattanooga area.

The main floor contains four boat storage bays. The bays on the left in the picture hold shells owned by Lookout Rowing Club and by individual users of the rowing center. The second and third bay from the left is dedicated to storage of Chattanooga Junior Rowing boats and privately owned equipment.  On the right is a repair bay. Upstairs, on the left, is a workout room and office, to the right of the workroom facing the river is the women's changing room, and on the right side, facing downstream, is the men's changing room. A spiral staircase connects the two floors.

Lookout Rowing Club

 LRC is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to the promotion of rowing in the Chattanooga area. Originally founded in 1876, it was dormant until 1974 when it was revived with an initial membership of 15 persons, primarily faculty and students at UTC. The club now comprises over 150 persons from Chattanooga and the surrounding area. Individual membership is $370/year and is open to any qualified sculler. Special membership rates are available for families and young rowers. Classes for persons with no rowing experience are available.

LRC's Community Involvement.
LRC has enjoyed an intimate relationship with the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Over the years, LRC has donated almost 15 racing and recreational boats to the university. LRC even donated two of its most venerable members, Dr. Terrance M. Carney and Mr. Jack Fish, to UTC as rowing coaches from 1981 through 1988. Dr. C also helped found the UTC rowing program and put it on solid ground.

Since it became a corporation in 1989, LRC has continued its support of the UTC rowing program. This support has included a donation toward purchase of a heavyweight eight-person shell, purchase of an eighteen-horsepower motor for the chase boat used by the UTC rowing coach, and cash contributions in the past few years.  Since 1996 LRC is actively involved helping the Chattanooga Junior Rowing Program with donations toward a new trailer, the purchase of engines and chase boats, paying 90% of the annual utility cost, and allowing Juniors to use specified LRC equipment .

Members of LRC have helped coach rowing at local high schools, sponsored regattas attended by high school and collegiate rowers from the surrounding area, and hosted special programs for high school rowers at several local high schools.

Club sponsored events

Sculling Classes

Lookout Rowing Club holds lessons in sculling for adults only. The Learn to Row program is equally useful for  aspiring competitive and recreational rowers.
***  for rowers under 18 please see our safety rules and decide if you are willing to accept the restrictions.

Tennessee Gorge Row

Summer, TBA. A 22-mile fun row from Chattanooga to Caldwell Farms. Lunch*, beverages, and trailering back to Chattanooga provided by LRC.  * for a small fee

Chattanooga Head Race

The 2nd Saturday in October. Three+ miles from the Tennessee Riverpark downstream to Chattanooga. One of the earliest head races in the Southeast. Events: Youth, Open, Masters, Lightweight and Varsity.
For more information: www.chattanoogaheadrace.com or contact  Mike Connors : Connorsmp@aol.com
The Chattanooga Headrace is the main source of income for the club. It enables us to keep the dues as low as possible. All members are expected to help and will be asked to do so.  It is a lot of work , but we are able to keep the club going and the dues low. 

Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championship
 Later January or early February. One of the largest of the C.R.A.S.H.-B Satellite regattas.



President : Siobhan Duff   


Membership: Karen Hundt    

Treasurer: Don McDowell